ST Gallery Field App lightbox thumbnails

Sobi Templates is proud to announce our latest release of the ST Gallery Field Application. This release is full of new features that will make your SobiPro directory look and function better with Multiple Image Ajax upload, Drag and Drop image ordering, new Title and Descriptions for each image, as well as Jquery Lightbox and Responsive FlexSlider image display.

Ajax Multiple Image Upload

ST Gallery App Ajax Multi Image Upload

Multiple images can be uploaded at one time without refreshing the page. This allows you to add several images without worrying about the server settings for upload timeout.

Drag and Drop Ordering in Add Entry Form

Gallery App Drag and Drop Image Ordering

Our new Drag and Drop Ordering feature allows you to change the order of your images after they are uploaded. You can add a Title and Description to each image as well.

Jquery Lightbox Images with Title and Description

SobiPro Gallery Field App with Lightbox Image Display

The ST Gallery Field Application allows you to display your images using Jquery Lightbox in vcard or details view. We allow full control of image sizes in the Fields Manager for Full Size, Thumbnail and Icon image settings. Image Titles are output using an <h4> tag and Image Descriptions are displayed in a <p> tag. We've also added Meta data tags for Facebook and other Social Media networks to use the images when your SobiPro entry is shared.

FlexSlider Responsive Image Slider Showing new Title and Description

SobiPro Responsive FlexSlider Gallery

The ST Gallery Field App also allows you to display your images using a Responsive FlexSlider in the Details view. There's settings for Arrow Navigation, Pill Navigation, Thumbnails below the Slider as well as settings for Full Size Images, Thumbnails and Icons used in the Add Entry form. Just like the Jquery Lightbox display, your title and description is shown on Full Size images with an <h4> tag for the title and a <p> tag for the description.

Latest Features Added

  • New Responsive Add Entry Form
  • Drag and Drop Image Ordering
  • Title and Description for each image
  • H4 Title tag and Alt tag added to image output for better SEO and html validation
  • Facebook meta tags for images, to show on Social Networks
  • Lightbox can now loop to the beginning with prev/next
  • Adding mobile touch control on Add Entry and FlexSlider
  • Administrator Only Field Support
  • Paid or Free Field Setting added
  • Limit Field Edit Setting

Now Available for Sobi Templates Club Members

The new SobiPro ST Gallery Field Application is available to all Sobi Templates Club members with any of our Membership subscription packages. Full documentation and forum support is included with each subscription.