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The ST Vidoes Field Application for SobiPro allows you to quickly and easily add video support to your SobiPro directory. Simply add the URL to any Youtube or Vimeo video and your videos will be automatically displayed in your SobiPro entries.

Quickly add Youtube and Vimeo Videos to Your SobiPro Entries

st videos 1.3 add entry

Users can add the URL and a Title for each video and thumbnails will be automatically pulled from Youtube and Vimeo.

Fully Responsive Iframe with Support for all Devices

st video 1.3 full

st video 1.3 thumbs

You can choose to display the first video embedded into a fully responsive IFrame, with additional videos displayed as a thumbnail, text link or both.

Additional Videos will Display in Fully Responsive Lightbox on all Devices

st video 1.3 lightbox

When users click the thumbnail or text link for additional vidoes, a fully responsive lightbox is used to display the video on all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Members can View our Demo and Download Now

Sobi Templates club members can download this Application now. We have already added code support to all of our templates for th ST Videos SobiPro Field Application. You can see our live demo of the ST Videos Field App here.

New Features

  • Vimeo support
    Supports Vimeo videos and thumbnails.
  • Youtube Support
    Supports Youtube videos and thumbnails.
  • Display 'no videos' text control option from backend
    This allows you to output text if the user has not uploaded videos.
  • Display Thumbnails from video source automatically
    Youtube and Vimeo displays a default thumbnail for each video. If this is set to yes, the thumbnail will be shown in the additional videos area with or without the text link.
  • Output HTTPS or HTTP video links
    For sites that want to display SSL secure URLs you can set the video URL to output with HTTPS.
  • Admin Settings for titles and size of the thumbnails
    Allows you to display clickable text links for Additional Videos that can be added and edited in each entry. Also allows you to customize the thumbnail size that is displayed for each video.
  • Added H3 Additional Videos Title above additional video links
    Displays an H3 title to separate the top video and the additional videos that are displayed as text links or thumbnails.
  • Added translation file
    Translations available for Polish and English
  • Added rich snippets for video
    Videos are now HTML5 with rich snippets for better search engine optimization
  • First video will be shown as iframe, rest shown as links opening in Lightbox
    Iframe view of first video and pop up lightbox for the rest, shown as a link list or as thumbnails with or without text link below them.
  • Option to shuffle links on page refresh
    Randomize order of videos, showing different ones in iframe and links

ST Videos Field App for SobiPro Included in all Sobi Templates Memberships

Not a member yet? The ST Videos Field Application is included in all of our Membership plans. At Sobi Templates, you can subscribe to the level of support and length of Membership without restrictions on what you can download. Get all of our great SobiPro Templates, Modules and Applications for 1 price at Sobi Templates.